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GIBSON GARDENS STRAWBERRY U-PICK WILL OPEN LATE APRIL OR EARLY MAY 2016!   For the most current information on our u-pick go to www.facebook.com/gibson.gardens, email us or call 918-638-3858.  Thank you for your interest!

We will have Brandywine and Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomatoes;  and Red Beefsteak Tomatoes available at our on the Farm Market in mid June!

Watch for the opening dates of our "ON THE FARM MARKET" and U-Pick updates.


*WHOLE FOODS MARKETS at their newest store location at 91st and Yale and at 41st and Peoria. Look for our large picture above the produce section at 91st. www.wholefoodsmarket.com

*REASORS www.reasors.com

*FRESH MARKET located at 81st and Yale. www.thefreshmarket.com

*BROKEN ARROW'S "Rose District" FARMERS MARKET. - Start date of May 2016. Every Saturday from 8 a.m. till noon at new location. Entertainment will be provided every Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/BAFarmersMarket 

GIBSON GARDENS has built up a huge following of repeat customers at the BAFM, so look for us in a new location for 2016!

*MUSKOGEE FARMERS MARKET - Every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. till noon starting May, 2016.  www.cityofmuskogee.com   Click on the events calendar.