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Beefsteak Tomatoes 2015

Displayed at Whole Foods Market at 91st and Yale!Randall and Sandra of Gibson Gardens.   2014

We are so proud to have our farm picture displayed above the produce section at the "New Whole Foods store" at 91st and Yale!!! Come check us out!

The first of our 18 low-tunnels we are building for early                  Tomatoes in 2014!

February 2014 - Field ready for planting of Sweet Candy ONIONS!  We are using a biodegradeable mulch this year to hold in moisture and keep out the weeds.

Panoramic view from the back deck!

New Greenhouse for growing our own seedling Tomatoes!  Built 2/2013

Pond at back of farm.

Gibson Gardens Vintage Look!

Sunset from deck!  August 2013-New ponds excavated for use in irrigating our garden!!

Pond #3 in back of farm.        Excavated 8/2013.

New front pond. Waiting for RAIN!

ZEUS -160#'s of Love!

All 3 of my bosses!Randy, Zeus and Champ!!

Gibson Gardens in summer of 2012

Heirloom Tomatoes YUM!

Trellised Cucumbers

Original Pond used for irrigation and BASS FISHING!!!!

Grandson Brennan driving tractor with Randy! Summer 2012

First baby chicks hatched at Gibson Gardens 2012!! So cute.

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